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Wow- Dr. Trautmann and the entire staff were so kind and professional! So thankful I found you! -Annie C.

I have had numerous bad experiences with dentists . Each vist to other dentist have been filled with anxiety and pain. Years of bad advice and pour dental work had left me with dailing teeth. I went to Dr Trautman for a extraction. This was the most pain free relaxing procdure i have ever had . After several consults with Dr Trautman and her Oral surgeon. We decided on all in four lower and a upper denture. This was going to be a lengthy process being Im a diabetic and am slow to heal. Dr Trautman has been there for me ever step of the way. I would highly recommend her. -Dan Lenox

I had the pleasure to work with and be a patient of Dr. Trautmann. She is so caring and always puts the patient first. She will be my dentist and my families dentist forever and ever 🙂

I had complete veneers on my uppers and 4 lower teeth done. The process included about 7hrs in the chair. Needless to say I was a little tense thinking about the procedure and even during the process. Dr. Trautmann answered all my questions and took extremely good care of me during the whole process. I have been through a lot with my teeth in 50 years and I have to say I will follow Dr. Trautmann where ever she goes!! Going to the dentist hasn’t ever been my favorite places to go, but the good Dr. has changed all that for me now. She is the best…!!!

I have finally found the dentist of my dreams!!! I knew the minute I met Dr. Trautman that she was going to be my dentist forever! I have always feared the dentist to numerous bad experiences dating back to when I was 5 years old. (over 40 years ago!!) She first recognized that I was not sleeping well and asked if I was feeling fatigued? Absolutely! Instead of “pills” she cured my sleeping issues and fatigue with a mouth guard. Saved me and my marriage!!! Mostly, I have received nothing but the utmost attentive care from Dr. Trautman and her staff. She is not only a great competent doctor, she is a kind and compassionate person who really cares about her patients! I would travel across state lines to see her! Dr. Trautman, you are certainly the best! Thank-you! -Kelly Grimes

Thank you, Dr. Trautmann, for taking away my anxiety! I never felt any pain and I really appreciate you calling to follow up the next day! -David S.

What a fantastic experience at Prosper Dental Health! As soon as I walked in the receptionist was so sweet she quickly put my nerves at ease. The staff is without a doubt the best! They are wonderful, professional, and FUN! Dr. Trautmann is genuinely caring and I LOVE her! She took the time to get to know me, that is a HUGE plus. If you need a dentist this is the perfect atmosphere you’ll want to be in!
Trust me! Go see for yourself! -Leah